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3 Signs You Should Consider Letting Your Lawyer Go

accident lawyersIf you’ve ever been involved in personal injury lawsuits, then you know how important it is to find the right accident lawyers for your case. Whether you’re looking to take steps after a car accident, or are dealing with a slip-and-fall settlement, your personal injury lawyer should be able to make you feel like you’re receiving the best care possible for your case. Here are some signs that your accident lawyers aren’t stepping up to the plate, and the red flags that you should probably be looking for a new legal team.

They aren’t returning your calls – If your accident lawyers aren’t returning your phone calls, it’s a big sign that they might not be working with your best interests in mind. In most cases, 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, so don’t let a bogus legal team give you the runaround. With 3 million Americans injured in car accidents every year, you can’t afford to receive anything less than the best attention possible. If they aren’t picking up the phone, feel free to hang it up.

They haven’t been on your side – Your accident and injury lawyers should be sympathetic to your case. Not everyone can avoid life’s many mistakes, and they can be as simple as texting and driving. Almost 20% of all U.S. car accidents are caused by distracted driving, so you should never feel like an outsider in your case. If your lawyer isn’t treating you with the respect you deserve, show them the door. You don’t need any judgement other than that of the court.

They’re making you promises they can’t keep – If something feels off about your lawyer’s guarantees, then you’re probably on to something. Accident lawyers can’t ever guarantee you a certain win for your case, and if they do, chances are they’re trying to lead you to believe something you shouldn’t. Your lawyers should be competent and experienced, but shouldn’t try to convince you that they can manipulate the court. The certainty of your win should be based in integrity, not unseen dealings.