Los Angeles Rideshare Accident Attorney

Ridesharing may seem like the safest way to get a ride home at times. Unfortunately, in many cases, you cannot trust the person behind the wheel of your rideshare vehicle. Uber and Lyft drivers are just as prone to negligence as other drivers. A negligent or reckless rideshare driver could cause a car accident that gives you serious personal injuries. If you are the victim of a rideshare accident in Los Angeles, please contact the attorneys at Soofer Law Group for a free legal consultation. The driver or rideshare company may owe you financial compensation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have experience in rideshare accident law. Our Los Angeles and Torrance personal injury attorney has represented clients during claims against rideshare companies from the very beginning of the industry.
  • We have impressive case results in our background. Our lawyers go the extra mile to secure the best possible results. We have recovered over $75 million for our clients.
  • We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. Our Los Angeles rideshare accident lawyers do not charge for their services except in successful cases.

Why You Need a Rideshare Lawyer

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have ample resources to fight liability for accidents. It can be difficult to go up against a rideshare company without assistance from a personal injury lawyer. Uber or Lyft’s insurance company may try to undervalue your injuries and take advantage of you. Hiring a lawyer will enable you to protect your rights and ensure a fair result for your claim. Your lawyer can negotiate with claims adjusters on your behalf while you concentrate on healing from your injuries.

What Do I Do After a Rideshare Accident?

You can take steps to help your rideshare accident claim succeed from the beginning while still at the crash site. Increase your odds of a successful case by documenting the crash right away. Write down the name of your Uber or Lyft driver, where your crash occurred, the time of the accident, and the circumstances. Take photographs of any vehicle damages and your personal injuries.

Call the police if the rideshare driver has not already done so. Write down your police report number. Then, report the accident through the rideshare app. If you have injuries, go to the hospital immediately for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Follow the doctor’s directions during your recovery. Request copies of your medical records and create a file to keep your crash-related documents. Then, contact Soofer Law Group to request a free crash consultation with an attorney.

What Are the Main Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Los Angeles?

Like most vehicle accidents, rideshare collisions often trace back to driver errors. Rideshare drivers can make mistakes such as speeding, running red lights, ignoring rights-of-way and breaking other traffic laws that lead to car accidents. Uber and Lyft both require their drivers to use the rideshare apps en route, increasing the chances of a distracted driving accident. Other common causes include third-party driver errors, unsafe vehicles and dangerous roadway defects such as potholes.

What Is Uber’s Insurance Policy?

Uber and Lyft both have $1 million insurance policies that will apply to passengers’ injuries and losses after accidents. To qualify for coverage under Uber’s insurance policy, the rideshare driver must have been logged into the app and on duty at the time of the collision. Unfortunately, Uber’s insurance company makes it notoriously difficult to secure fair compensation for losses as an injured passenger. They classify their drivers as independent contractors, not employees – protecting the company from liability for many accidents. You may need to hire an attorney for Uber to take your claim seriously.

Contact a Los Angeles Rideshare Lawyer Today

You do not have to negotiate your rideshare accident insurance claim or lawsuit alone. A lawyer from Soofer Law Group can take care of legal processes on your behalf, such as helping you determine the cause of your rideshare accident, identify the defendant and file your claim. We may be able to help you obtain compensation for your property damages, personal injuries, medical bills, lost wages and more. Discuss your case in more detail with our rideshare attorneys today. Call (310) 478-5090 or contact us online.


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