Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall accident in Los Angeles, California could change your life. One minute you are walking down the aisle at the grocery store, the next, you have a hip fracture that will take you out of work and leave you with expensive medical bills. At the Soofer Law Group, we are passionate about representing clients during Los Angles slip and fall accident claims. We can help clients with complicated cases, including those with preexisting medical conditions. Contact us today to find out if you have a claim during a free consultation in LA.

Why Choose Us?

  •         We spend all the time, attention, and resources it takes to obtain top results.
  •         We can aggressively negotiate with even the toughest insurance companies.
  •         We provide personal care to each client from our lead attorney, Ramin Soofer.
  •         We have obtained over $75 million on behalf of our personal injury clients.
  •         We take all Los Angeles slip and fall accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

Should I Get a Lawyer for Slip and Fall?

 You could significantly limit your financial recovery if you choose to go without a lawyer during a Los Angeles slip and fall accident claim. Many insurance companies refuse to treat clients fairly during slip and fall claims unless they have attorneys. Hiring a lawyer could protect you from insurance bad faith tactics and improve your chances of obtaining fair and full compensation. It is especially important to hire a Los Angeles and Torrance injury lawyer for a high-value case, such as one involving catastrophic fall injuries.

What Is a Slip and Fall?

 A slip and fall accident refers to a person slipping or tripping on a property defect or hazard and falling down. A slip and fall could cause injuries such as broken bones, hip fractures, head and brain injuries, pulled muscles, and herniated disks. In a personal injury law context, a slip and fall claim is a type of premises liability lawsuit. A slip and fall claim holds a property owner financially responsible for a fall accident he or she reasonably should have prevented. The owner might owe the victim compensation for negligently failing to prevent the slip and fall accident.

What Are Common Causes of Slip and Fall?

 Slip and fall accidents in Los Angeles can happen anywhere: at work, home, the bank, a grocery store, a farmer’s market, churches, parking lots, and public streets and sidewalks. Many different property defects – especially those related to flooring surfaces – could cause these accidents.

  •         Water or ice
  •         Spilled beverages
  •         Pipe leaks
  •         Food debris
  •         Freshly waxed or washed floors
  •         Greasy or oily floors
  •         Objects in walkways
  •         Broken floor tiles
  •         Torn rugs or carpets
  •         Missing handrails
  •         Dangerous staircases
  •         Poor lighting

 If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, take photographs of the hazard that caused your fall. Photographs and videos can provide key evidence for use during your injury claim later.

What Are the Damages?

A slip and fall accident victim can suffer damages such as physical injuries, pain, emotional distress, medical expenses, lost income, disability-related costs and legal fees. These, among other types of losses, are all compensable damages during a typical slip and fall accident claim in California.

 How Long Do Slip and Fall Cases Take?

 The average insurance settlement for a slip and fall case takes around 30 days from start to finish. If the insurance company disputes the claim, however, the case could take much longer. A premises liability suit that has to go to trial in LA County could take one year or longer to resolve.

Contact a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney Today

 In California, you have no more than two years from the date of your slip and fall injury diagnosis to file a claim to damages. Speak to an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you meet your deadline to file. Contact the Soofer Law Group 24/7 for a free legal consultation about your recent slip and fall accident in Los Angeles. Our attorneys may be able to help you obtain fair compensation for your various damages.


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