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Many of the most serious personal injury accidents each year have to do with falls from ladders. Ladders can be extremely dangerous tools – especially when used incorrectly. Ladder accidents cause thousands of serious injuries and deaths annually. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 500,000 people go to the hospital and 300 die each year due to ladder-related accidents. If you or a loved one has an injury from a ladder accident, call the Los Angeles ladder accident attorney at Soofer Law Group for a free consultation. Call (310) 478-5090 today.

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What Is the Most Common Type of Ladder Accident? 

 The most common type of ladder accident is a fall. Falls in general caused 33.5% of all construction worker deaths in 2018, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Many of these worker deaths involved ladder accidents. Falls from ladders can occur due to uneven floor surfaces, lack of stabilization, misuse of the ladder, ladder defects and other people running into the ladder. Falls from ladders can cause catastrophic injuries to the head, brain and spinal cord. Many victims will never fully recover from ladder falls; even if they survive, victims may live with chronic pain or lifelong disabilities.

What Are Common Injuries?

 Ladder accidents can be particularly devastating to victims. A fall from a ladder, for example, can cause serious impacts between the body and the ground surface. Other ladder accidents, such as a collapsing ladder, missing a step, overreaching or dismounting a ladder improperly, could also cause serious injuries.

 Bone fractures are the most common injury associated with ladder accidents. A broken bone can cause immense pain and suffering, as well as hundreds of dollars in medical expenses. A fracture could also take a victim out of work, resulting in significant lost wages. Any type of ladder accident injury could be life-changing for a victim.

How to Prevent a Ladder Accident

 Most ladder accidents in Los Angeles are preventable. Inspect a ladder carefully before use. Look for damage, rust, or wear and tear. Replace old ladders immediately. Choose the right ladder for the job – one that is tall enough and that has the proper weight rating. Set the ladder up on a flat, dry surface. Look up to see what is above you. Do not put a ladder near power lines or in front of a door that opens outward. Stake off and tie the ladder whenever possible. Always have at least three points of contact between the ladder and your body.

 Obtaining compensation takes determining who should have prevented the ladder accident. Ladder accidents at work, for example, often point to the negligence or fault of an employer or coworker. In a work environment, it is an employer’s legal responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of tools such as ladders. An employer should provide strong and well-maintained ladders, as well as appropriate personal protective equipment and ladder training. If an employer does not look out for the safety of employees, serious ladder accidents can occur.

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 If you were injured in a ladder accident, contact the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Soofer Law Group for a free consultation. Someone may owe you compensation, such as an employer, ladder manufacturer, or property owner. We can help you seek justice and compensation for your damages. Call (310) 478-5090 today for more information.


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