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More Bicyclists Use Cameras To Stay Safe

bicycleinjurystatistics-200x300Bicycling offers a fair share of benefits, giving Americans a cost-effective way to and from work, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and reducing emissions and pollution associated with traditional motor vehicles. Unfortunately, bikes are notthe safest mode of transportation, however — and there are far more bicycle injury statistics and recorded bicyclist fatalities than there ought to be. How dangerous can it be to ride a bicycle? What can bicycles and drivers do about it?

Are Bicycle Cameras The Answer?
More companies are advocating the use of small cameras or black boxes that sit on the front of bicycles and recordeverything. The cameras may be somewhat necessary, given that less than 1% of all transportation involves a bicycleand bicyclists are more likely to get injured or die in crashes than all U.S. drivers. How exactly do cameras help?

There are three main trends in bicycling injuries and accidents. First, most fatal accidents take place in cities and on straight roads, not at intersections. Second, 95% of the bicyclists who died in crashes in 2006 were not wearing helmets. Finally, a large portion of car and bike accidents are also hit and run cases. In other words, it can be extremely difficult to prove who is and isn’t at fault. Cameras provide clarity and concrete proof about bicycle accident injuries.

Bright Yellow Reflective Wear Gets A Makeover
At least one Hollywood designer seems to think that traditional safety gear is an eyesore and that this is responsible for at least some bicycle accidents and bicycle injury statistics. Some retailers are trying to prevent bicycle head injuries by designing helmets and reflective clothing that is fashionable — and that more bicyclists will want to wear.

Talk to a lawyer if you have been injured in a bicycle accident. Having a bicycle camera and proper reflective gear, on the other hand, will not only prevent more accidents but will help you get proper compensation, should an accident occur.