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Archive for February 2015

The Numbers Behind Bicycling Injuries

In just 2013 alone, stores in the U.S. sold about 13 million bicycles. In addition to the bikes that are already out on the road, that really makes for a lot of bike riders and (unfortunately) a lot of potential bicycling injuries. Unless you’re talking about “extreme” bicycling, you’re probably more likely to associate riding…

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More Bicyclists Use Cameras To Stay Safe

Bicycling offers a fair share of benefits, giving Americans a cost-effective way to and from work, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and reducing emissions and pollution associated with traditional motor vehicles. Unfortunately, bikes are notthe safest mode of transportation, however — and there are far more bicycle injury statistics and recorded bicyclist fatalities than there ought…

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The Importance of Understanding Elder Abuse

As people age they often require the help of a caregiver to assist them with basic daily activities. Caregivers could be anyone from hired help, a family member or a close friend, and more often than not these people provide a caring and invaluable service to older persons who can no longer care for themselves.…

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The Causes of Road Accidents and the Steps to Take After a Crash

Passing a driving test and obtaining a driver’s license is a great accomplishment that provides people a sense of freedom. Being able to get from place to place on your own time is liberating, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Every year, there are thousands of truck, motorcycle, car and bicycle…

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Different Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

An unexpected injury can occur at any time and any place, leaving a person to deal with serious medical and financial issues on their own. When a person does sustain a serious, potentially life-threatening injury, accident and injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help them seek compensation for their losses, whether they be…

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Protect Your Brain While Bike Riding With These Safety Tips

Every year thousands of people in the U.S. sustain head injuries in a number of different ways. Even seemingly small head injuries can result in a concussion or more severe brain damage, making it important to seek medical attention right away after a brain injury accident. As more people take up bike riding as a…

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